Colds suck...

About five days ago I noticed my eyes and nose were burning the very slightest bit. I know this is not allergies and my eyes and nose never for some reason bother at the same time, just one or another.

So I was pretty sure a cold was trying to start. I had always thought one has to be exposed to the virus in order to catch a cold, but I guess not since I had not left my home in six days.

Well I went to my medicine drawer and found cold ease and started taking it as directed. All I can say is the stuff DOES NOT WORK.

So for the last five days I have had a full on cold. My nose has run like it has never done before, my cough is pretty much constant and my body is so sore from coughing I am acting like a baby.

I do have a wonderfully low voice though. But I gladly give the voice back if this damn cold would just go away.

I know this is a stupid thing to post, but every time I try to lay in bed my cough gets ten times worse so for the last three nights I have sat up in front of my computer dosing off for minutes at a time and this is what I am doing now. Trying to make time pass more quickly.

But one nice thing has come of it, Gus is being very sweet and helpful and this is the first time in 18 years he has been so concerned. He usually just ignores me and lets me get my sick on all by myself. Maybe I actually look as bad as I feel this time and he can not help but notice ;-{)

unclecliffy wrote:

I pity married men.

I've been traveling for work, and the airports are filled with handsome young men wearing the gyves of matrimony on the third finger of their left hands and startled, sad, weary, terminal-cancer looks. Inevitably, they are accompanied by carping, pinched, shabbily dressed women with no make-up and their hair in pony tails -- an unappetizing, unappealing, unshowered look -- and babies. All of these men have a facial expressions that seem to say, "Is this what I signed up for?" The children run their lives. The women run their lives. How awful, awfully unhappy they look."

My sister made this same observation the other day while dinning in a family style restaurant.